2long /2017/ cast_glass_slumping_LEDtube_750x150x65mm
design for penocze

The light 2long enfolds glass around a tubular light source. The current technology
of mold cast glass subsequently combined with slumping, offers the possibility of
always creating a unique luminaire. A bespoke lighting environment may be achieved
by adjustment of the upside-down installation, allowing either broad-spectrum or
atmospheric lighting.
Lengh: min. 750 mm, width: min. 150 mm, depth: 65 mm

Fluorescent: G13, LED 9W, neutral white, 4000K, 1125lm, 230V/50Hz, 320°

photo credits: Anna Pleslova

2 glassses

2 glasses  /2014/ mould_blown_glass
2 skleničky /2014/ 

photo credits: D. Petrovicka


memo /2014/ _fluorescent_tube_cast_glass_20x200x3cm

This installation illuminates the memories we associate with a specific time or place,and how objects, lights and patterns can activate these connections.
I am trying to continually pushing the boundaries and limitations of incorporating
household lights with glass.

photo credits: William James Crellin

stress landscape

stress landscape /2015/ _opaque glass_stainless steal_free casting_30x85x2

Series of the images of the minimalism landscapes, painted by stress between white opaque glass and stainless steel. In this project I am trying to cross the border of non-compatibility between these two different materials and find the way how to control this process of painting.

photo credits: William James Crellin

get it down

get it down  /2017/ _Mould_blow_glass_slumping_12x120x90cm

This project is a site - specific installation, working with two physical principles which influence the glass process such as Heat & Gravity.
The original glass shape was made by a lighting industry. Mould blown glass spheres were shaped in kiln forming process, and each piece is demonstrating the progressive deformation - starting from 690°C to 610°C - (every 20 degrees). 
Using light panels for to be getting the slumped pieces back into their original meaning.

photo credits: D. Petrovicka, I. Czepcova

glass bowls

glass bowls / 2016-17/ _cast glass_ ± 500x50mm
skleněné mísy / 2016-17/ _tavené sklo_ ± 500x50mm

black / acid-etched surface

cobalt blue - black / acid-etched surface

cobalt blue/ acid-etched surface

black / acid-etched surface

green / acid-etched surface

green - orange / acid-etched surface

photo credits: D.Petrovická

meander II.

Meander II. / 2014/ _cast glass_fluorescent tube_25x20x120cm
Meandr II. / 2014/ _tavené sklo_zářivková trubice_25x20x120cm

photo credits: Irena Czepcova

glass paintings

glass paintings/2014_cast glass_paint 60x40x1.5
skleněné obrazy/ 2014_tavené sklo_akrylová barva 

pattern in spaceII

pattern in space/2014_cast glass_metal60x40x65 /
vzor v porstoru/2014_tavené sklo_kov

photo credits: I. Czepcova


Meander / 2013/ _cast glass_fluorescent tube_15x20x30cm
meandr / 2013/ _tavené sklo_zářivková trubice_15x20x30cm

photo credits: Irena Czepcova

pulsing pattern

pulsing pattern / 2013_ cast glass_light tubes_40x60x2
pulzující vzor / 2013_tavené sklo_zářivky_40x60x2

foto: Irena Czepcová

shades / stínítka

shades / 2013_ cast glas_light tube_90x40x8
Stínítka / 2013_tavené sklo_zářivky_90x40x8



foto: MgA. Lucie Kordačová